S&P 500
Daily Bracket

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Tournament UsernamePrizeDate
DAILY DOW HIGH STAKESfhdhjg€543.9805-20-2016
DAILY DOW HIGH STAKESharmoni234€362.6605-20-2016
FINANCIALS 16guastoni€330.0005-18-2016
GAMING 16angieloves€264.6005-20-2016
DOW JONES 32zizpedi€234.9005-19-2016
FINANCIALS 16ziben777€220.0005-18-2016

Jacana is the world's premier daily fantasy stock tournament platform. Jacana hosts daily tournaments of skill with the world's first progressive prize payouts.

Progressive cash prizes are created by players for players! The prize pool grows daily by the total of each player's spend in the tournament.


jacana Tournaments


  • Long/Short
  • Allocations
  • Leverage
  • Trade Bombs
  • Trade Insurance
  • 1-5 Days



  • $100k for Perfect
  • Just Pick Winners
  • Points Scoring
  • 16s, 32s or 64s
  • Daily Only


"I love the challenge of fine tuning my leverage and insurance fees to maximize my return while minimizing my trading costs." - John Delancy

"The brackets are super easy to play and the classics are much more strategic!"

- Sam Choi

"I play the S&P 500 Bracket Challenge every day. Love the free chance to win $100,000!"

- Mike Wing