How to Play

Welcome to Jacana, the world's best fantasy stock trading tournament platform for cash prizes. At Jacana, you trade stocks using virtual currency, no trading capital required. The best trading performance at the end of each tournament determines the winners. There is no real-time trading and you can enter tournaments free and trade free. Jacana tournaments focus initially on stocks and ETFs listed on USA exchanges.

Jacana hosts daily Bracket & Classic tournaments. In daily Bracket tournaments, just pick head-to-head winners based on open-to-close daily performance. All Bracket tournaments start and end in a single trading day. In Classic tournaments, you choose the stocks, allocations and trading features such as leverage and trade insurance. Classic tournaments run 1-5 days in length.

The PERFECT BRACKET CHALLENGE (63 correct picks) in our S&P 500 earns you $100,000 USD - and its completely FREE! There are no cash prizes other than a perfect bracket for this tournament.

How do I make money?

Jacana is the home for progressive cash prizes. Ranking in-the-money earns you a tournament payout. Progressive tournaments grow daily by the trading fees of all the players within the tournament. The winning players split the total ending prize pool less a Jacana hosting fee - currently 10%.

*USA players are NOT eligible to participate in cash tournaments under current law.

What are typical tournament formats?

In a Classic tournament, Jacana establishes the trading parameters and features pricing; such as stock exchanges, entry fees, minimum stock prices, long/short, allocation limits, leverage, trade insurance etc. In a Bracket tournament, each correct head-to-head pick earns points in each round. The total points won determines the players ranking including a market tie-brake close prediction.

How do I trade Classics?

After enrolling in a tournament, you are given virtual currency, for example $1,000,000, to trade. You don’t buy and sell shares, you designate percent allocations to your stocks. You can change the stocks, their allocations, and trading features on a daily basis. You establish your portfolio in your trading dashboard by the timeline cutoff and submit. You can make changes all the way up to the timeline cutoff then your portfolio is frozen until the close of trading for performance processing.

Close-to-Close versus Open-to-Close

Jacana has two types of trading tournaments for performance calculations: close-to-close and open-to-close. Close-to-close measures the performance of your portfolio from the previous day’s closing price to the current day’s closing price. Open-to-close measures the performance of your portfolio from the open of trading to the close in the same trading day. All Bracket tournaments are open-to-close.

How much does it cost to trade?

Brackets have just entry fees. Classics may have an entry fee as well as trading fees. You can trade for free in many Classics but to gain a trading edge you may purchase competitive-edge trading features. Be sure to load your player account with a credit card to establish a starting balance prior to entering your first day’s trades.

What are Competitive-Edge (CE) trading features in Classic Tournaments?

CE's allow you to break allocation rules and generate tremendous daily gains or losses to improve your performance and thus tournament rank. CE's have real fees associated with them on a per use basis. CE fees are debited daily from your player account balance. The fee schedule is listed and determined by Jacana for each tournament. CE's include: trade leverage, trade bombs, trade insurance, privacy insurance, and player sneak-peaks (inside information).

Trade Leverage:
Typically 1- 50x leverage on a given position. This position may be insured against loss using trade insurance.

Trade Bomb:
Typically 100X leverage of a given position. Trade insurance is NOT available when using a trade bomb.

Trade Insurance:
The ability to insure a trade against a loss. The more insurance you purchase the higher the fees and lower your potential loss if you are wrong. Trade insurance is patent-pending and cost is determined using a stock’s beta, the size of the position and our proprietary pricing algorithm.

Sneak-Peaks (Inside Information):
The ability to view another players trading portfolio daily.

Privacy Insurance:
Purchased to prevent other players from viewing your portfolio with a sneak-peak.

Who is eligible to trade?

You must be 18 years of age and comply with our terms of use and eligibility criteria located at the website.

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